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Elizabeth A. Dow

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"The Crawford Sisters"


Fiddles 8.jpg
Three Fiddles


Yay girls ... I think you have a winner here!"

Peggy Crawford,

I literally LOL’d."

Jen Cannon,

My favorite parts were when the 3 sisters had dialog as a group, especially the texts. They
are funny and relatable."

Erin Fry,



Megan (Crawford) Bickel lives and works in Speedway, Indiana, with her husband, three sons, two cats, and one immortal fish. She enjoys insisting that her children chew with their mouths closed and picking up the clear sticky straw wrappers from Capri Suns. At least we assume that is what she enjoys, as that seems to be all she does.


Elizabeth (Crawford) Dow lives in Bennington, Vermont, where she and her husband run the charming Beyond Gallery and Gift Shop. Her creativity and artistic spirit are matched only by her gift for organization and planning, which is an odd combination. However, that fusion is what enabled her to bring forth a cohesive novel written by three very different women.


Ellen (Crawford) Cooke and her husband don’t seem to stay still long enough to qualify as “living” in any one place. She travels the globe with the dedication and ambition of a true adventurer. This makes complete sense to her sisters, as she has been a joyful adventure from the moment she came into the world. Follow her travels on her blog Steady As We Roam.



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